Derrota histórica para Israel: La CIJ dictamina que es plausible que Israel esté cometiendo genocidio

El pueblo palestino pide que se ejerza la máxima presión para detener el genocidio y desmantelar el apartheid.

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Together, we are building collective power and hope to stop #GazaGenocide and #DismantleApartheid


We have no illusions, though. We know it will take a lot of “B” and “D” to get to the “S.” Indeed, we are building grassroots power like never before to have real influence in decision-making circles.


Investing in Israel, a 75-year-old settler-colony that imposes apartheid on Indigenous Palestinians, has always been unethical and illegal.


The Intercept has recently revealed that David Fingold, a pro-Israel investment fund manager, has dubiously invested $500M for

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East Sussex Pension Fund has announced its divestment from Elbit Systems, Israel’s largest private arms manufacturer.

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Passed 19 - 3, the resolution calls on the university to divest "from all corporations contributing to the human rights violations of Palestinians"

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Sabeel-Kairos welcomed the resolution passed at Methodist Council calling for a revision to the existing investment policy in light of the changes on the ground in Israel and Palestine.

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Financial services firm with $100 billion in assets divested from Israel Discount Bank, GE, First Solar and DXC Technology

October 22, 2020
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ABP, the biggest pension fund in the Netherlands and among the five biggest in the world, announced in June that it would divest from the Israeli banks Leumi and Hapoalim.

July 22, 2020