Email Siemens now and tell it to #StopFuelingIsraeliApartheid and climate crisis

#COP27 may have ended, but the climate crisis rages on. Siemens, through its involvement with the fossil-fuel based EuroAsia Interconnector, harms the planet and is  deeply complicit in Israeli apartheid.

The EU-sponsored EuroAsia Interconnector will enable the trade of electricity produced from fossil gas between Israel and the EU, via Cyprus. Furthermore, it will connect Europe’s electricity grid to Israel’s national electricity grid, which by design includes its illegal settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT), implicating the EU and companies working on this project in what the UN defines as a war crime.
Let’s boycott Siemens, the main contractor of the EuroAsia Interconnector project, to withdraw from it to avoid further normalising Israel’s regime of military occupation and apartheid.


Take action now by urging Siemens to #StopFuelingIsraeliApartheid

  1. Click to tweet: Let Siemens know that you are joining human rights campaigners in boycotting Siemens until it withdraws from the EuroAsia Interconnector.

    Tweet: #EuroAsiaInterconnector is a fossil fuel-based project. By constructing it, @Siemens is complicit in, and profits from, Israel’s war crime of illegal settlements on stolen Palestinian land.#BoycottSiemens#StopFuelingIsraeliApartheid#COP27

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