E-action new PUMA CEO

New PUMA CEO. Same old support for Israeli apartheid. 

PUMA may have a new CEO, but it’s the same old story as far as its complicity in Israeli apartheid goes.

As players of the Palestinian football club Balata wrote to the new CEO, PUMA has a choice to make:

- Join the growing global consensus, including socially responsible businesses, refusing complicity in Israeli apartheid.

- Or be on record for supporting a brutal apartheid regime that guns down young footballers.

In May 2021, on the very same day that PUMA shareholders were meeting to talk about profits, Israeli soldiers shot and killed 16-year-old Saeed Odeh, a promising young player on the Balata team. Since then, Israeli soldiers have shot and killed many other young Palestinian footballers.

Groups around the world will be protesting PUMA’s complicity during the Global #BoycottPUMA Day of Action this weekend. Join them!

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PUMA is continuing to sponsor the Israel Football Association, which not only governs teams in illegal Israeli settlements on stolen Palestinian land, it also actively advocates to maintain them.

Balata is one of 235 Palestinian sports teams that are calling for international pressure on PUMA until it ends its complicity in Israeli apartheid.

As we brace ourselves for what Israel’s most racist and fundamentalist government ever has in store for us, taking action against corporations like PUMA that support Israel's apartheid regime is more important than ever.

Make sure PUMA’s new CEO sees Balata FC’s video

We have pledged #NoRestForPUMA until it ends complicity in Israeli apartheid. We’re keeping that pledge. 

Tell PUMA to end complicity in Israeli apartheid

Send Balata FC’s letter to the PUMA CEO