E action 2022 friendlies

The world of sports is increasingly standing up for Palestinian rights.

Yet some football teams are positioning themselves squarely on the wrong side of history, allowing their celebrated names to be used to sportswash Israeli crimes against Palestinians.

Juventus, Atlético Madrid, AS Roma, Tottenham, Paris Saint-Germain, and Nantes plan matches in apartheid Israel in the coming weeks. Uruguay plans to train in apartheid Israel ahead of the World Cup this fall, and Israeli media is reporting a match with Spain.

Palestinian clubs, whose players have lost lives and limbs to Israeli soldiers and military assaults, have written to the clubs urging them to cancel these complicit matches.

Add your voice to theirs.

Write to all 8 clubs now. There’s no fair play in apartheid Israel.

Al Khader FC players Mohammad Ghneim (19) and Zaid Ghneim (14) and Palestine Football Academy prodigy Thaer Yazouri (18) were killed by Israeli soldiers in April and May this year.

Balata FC’s player Saeed Odeh (16) was killed by Israeli soldiers last year.

The Palestine Amputee Football Association is made up of players who have lost limbs to Israel’s military assaults on Gaza.

It is for these and other players, and for Palestinians young and old who continue to dream, that the Palestinian teams have vowed not to be silent and to draw a moral picket line.

Join them. 

Email the 8 clubs: Cancel the matches. Do it for Mohammad, Zaid, Thaer, Saeed, the amputees, and far too many others. 

Keep saying their names. And help kick apartheid out of football. 

Write to Juventus, Atlético Madrid, Roma, Tottenham, PSG, Nantes, Uruguay and Spain

Don’t sportswash Israeli apartheid