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Corporate complicity: Israeli interventions in Indian agriculture

In this paper, we will look at both Israel’s colonisation of Palestinian lands, and the ways in which Israeli corporations have expanded in the Indian agriculture sector. The interventions in Indian agriculture play out by creating the myth of Israel ‘seeing’ India from its agrarian crisis—a notion both patently wrong and racist.

July 23, 2020

Thousands of artists worldwide have publicly endorsed the cultural boycott of Israel. Find a pledge near you or in your field.

Open Letter

Filmmakers, Palestinian rights groups and cultural organizations urge participating filmmakers to withdraw from We Are One


COVID-19 shows devastating impacts of racist policies, public service cuts and growing military spending. Israel is a key beneficiary of global militarization


Women leading justice movements worldwide increasingly see the Palestinian call for a military embargo on Israel as not just a demand by Palestinians, but also as linked to their own liberation and justice struggles.


Watch our video pushing back against the Israeli and Indian governments’ interrelated repression of people in Palestine and India.

In the News

By calling for a military embargo on Israel, we also call for ending the ties that are facilitating the current siege and crackdown in Kashmir.

November 30, 2019

In a courageous show of solidarity, students in New Delhi held firm against the university administration's violent crackdown on protests of an Israeli government event until their demands were met.

Action Alert

Help appeal to Bollywood stars booked to perform in Tel Aviv

BNC Statement

In this grave moment, we stand in solidarity with the people in Kashmir. Our oppressors are united, and our struggles will be stronger if we too unite.