These statements have been issued by the Palestinian BDS National Committee or its member organisations.

US Churches Advance Effective Solidarity with Palestinian Freedom, Justice and Equality

We congratulate and thank the Presbyterian Church (USA) and the Unitarian Universalist General Assembly for their respective powerful votes in the last week advancing solidarity with Palestinian rights under international law within faith communities in the U.S.


Remembering Hedy Epstein (1924 – 2016)

All of us here at the BNC draw deep inspiration from Hedy’s lifelong dedication to struggle on behalf of the oppressed. Her dedication, her resilience and her tirelessness are things we all aspire to. Hedy’s entire life truly embodied Gandhi’s famous quote “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. She will be remembered. She will be missed.

Palestinian labour movement welcomes Fuecys union in Uruguay support for Israel boycott

The Palestinian labor movement welcomes the declaration from the Human Rights Secretariat of the Uruguayan Federation of Workers of Services and Commerce (Fuecys) calling for the boycott of Israeli products and for companies in Uruguay to break their ties with Israel’s apartheid. We also deeply appreciate the public support that the Trade Union Centre of G4S employees in Uruguay has extended to the campaign against the British security company G4S.

BNC welcomes Amnesty International position on Right to BDS

No mafia-like threat from anyone will “thwart” BDS activists from advocating for freedom, justice and equality for the entire Palestinian people, in our homeland and in exile.

“EU complicit in Israeli war crimes”, says leadership of global BDS Movement

“Europe is complicit in Israel’s serious violations of international law, including war crimes, by continuing its thriving military trade and joint military research with Israel and its import of settlement products that result from Israel’s theft of Palestinian land and resources, a policy the EU says it opposes.

Germany: Do not collaborate in Israel’s Cultural Crimes in regards to the Looted Palestinian Dead Sea Scrolls and respect international law

The Gottingen Academy of Sciences and Humanities together with the Israel Antiquities Authority, Haifa University and Tel Aviv University are to join efforts in this collaboration in a project funded by the German-Israeli Project Cooperation, a program of the German Ministry of Education and administered by the German Research Foundation.

Israel’s legal warfare on BDS fosters repression and McCarthyism across the world

Israel, its lobby groups and its right-wing supporters have launched an unprecedented, well-funded global campaign to silence Palestinian narratives and criminalize BDS advocacy, especially in western countries

Palestinian Women’s Call for Worldwide Women’s Endorsement of BDS

On the occasion of Palestinian women’s celebration of 8th of March, the International Women’s Day, we the undersigned, Palestinian women organizations, centers and groups, call upon all women and feminists of the world, as well as women’s organizations and collectives, to endorse the BDS Call issued by Palestinian civil society in 2005 and join to the BDS movement to support our struggle for freedom, justice and equality.

Palestinian civil society coalition urges McGill students to uphold support of divestment

The vote in support of divestment from companies that are directly involved in war crimes against Palestinians at McGill is a principled decision that stands in stark contrast to the cowardly decision by the Canadian parliament to vote to condemn the BDS movement and protect Israel’s regime of occupation, colonialism and apartheid

Palestinians welcome Academy distancing itself from Oscars gift bag

The so-called ‘Oscars swag bag’ has fallen into further disrepute with its association with the Israeli regime of occupation, settler-colonialism and apartheid.


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