Ahead of CAF’s AGM, tell CAF to get off Israel’s apartheid train!

* Available in Spanish and Basque

Ahead of CAF’s shareholders meeting on June 13, demand that the corporation ends its role in Israel’s illegal Jerusalem Light Rail project, which enables the ongoing annexation of the occupied Palestinian territory.

On June 13 the Basque firm CAF will hold its annual shareholders meeting. We must ensure that CAF's involvement in Israel’s violation of Palestinian human rights and international law is on the agenda.

CAF’s AGM coincides with announced plans by the extremist Israeli government to formally annex a critical part of the occupied Palestinian West Bank from July 1. 

The Jerusalem Light Rail is part of the ongoing process of entrenchment of Israel’s illegal settlement enterprise and its theft of Palestinian land. The Jerusalem Light Rail links illegal settlements, considered war crimes under international law, built on stolen Palestinian land to West Jerusalem.

Shapir, CAF's Israeli partner for the JLR project, is in the UN database of complicit companies with which economic relations should be terminated due to their violation of international law.


We will not stay silent. We have 13 days until CAF’s AGM, let’s make sure CAF gets our message!


  1. Action on social media

From June 1 to June 13 we want to make a lot of noise! Use your networks to mobilize and raise awareness. Please do the following:​

1. Print this image

2. Take a photo of yourself holding the image

3. Share the photo on social media with this text:

Israel plans to formally annex West Bank Palestinian lands. CAF is developing a tramway entrenching Israel’s illegal settlements on stolen Palestinian land marked for annexation. #CAFGetOffIsraelsApartheidTrain End involvement in Jerusalem Light Rail: https://bit.ly/2AhiTui

Use the following hashtag: #CAFGetOffIsraelsApartheidTrain 

and tag the CAF campaign on twitter: @eaudecaf


  1. Email jam

Send an email to CAF’s CEO ahead of CAF’s shareholders meeting demanding that the company quit the illegal Israeli Jerusalem Light Rail project and stop supporting Israel’s military occupation, annexation and apartheid.

Use the form on the right side of this page.


  1. Call CAF

Contact the company by phone to request that CAF stop participating in the Jerusalem tram project. You can either call CAF’s headquarters at +34 943 88 01 00 or your local office listed here.

Simply follow the main points below, and please remember that the customer service helper is not responsible for CAF’s policy. Always be polite, but firm in asking that our message is passed on.

Here are the main points to bear in mind when making this call:

  • The person you will talk to is not responsible for this contract, but you can ask them to make a note and to pass this message to CAF’s supervisory board

  • The UN has called for ending the illegal Israeli Jerusalem Light Rail project

  • The aim of the Jerusalem Light Rail is to connect settlements, which are war crimes under international law, with West Jerusalem

  • CAF is violating international law through its involvement in this contract and is harming the rights of the Palestinian people

  • CAF’s partner for this project, Shapir, is on the UN list of complicit companies involved in Israel’s illegal settlements with which business should end

  • Protests and outrage over CAF’s involvement in Israel’s military occupation will continue until CAF leaves the illegal Jerusalem Light Rail project

  • CAF should listen to its workers: CAF’s main workers committee has called on the company to abandon this illegal project

After calling, please fill out this form to let us know how the call went.


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Send an email to CAF’s CEO