BDS en 2015: Siete formas en que nuestro movimiento marcó nuevos rumbos en contra del colonialismo y el apartheid israelíes

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English here 2015 será recordado como el año en que la resistencia popular palestina se extendió por toda la Palestina histórica, y decenas de miles de palestinos y palestinas salieron a las calles para resistir y enfrentar al régimen israelí … Continue reading 


BDS en 2015: reseña completa

English here Enero: Israel muestra creciente preocupación ante el crecimiento del BDS El movimiento estudiantil por la desinversión florece en Estados Unidos El órgano de gobierno estudiantil de la Universidad de California en Davis vota por abrumadora mayoría a favor … Continue reading 


BDS: full 2015 round-up

A look back at the major BDS developments during 2015


Palestinian Student Groups in Gaza Respond to Attacks on BDS by “NYC SJP”

We reiterate that we stand with the overwhelming majority of the Palestinian people calling on people of conscience and progressive forces around the world to endorse BDS and to be involved in effective BDS campaigning. Achieving our comprehensive and inalienable rights as a people is our only “ceiling.”


University of Chile’s Student Federation boycotts Israel sponsored event and calls for BDS

The Student Federation of the University of Chile (FECH) cancelled its support for a presentation from an Israeli choreographer sponsored by the Israeli Embassy and issued a statement calling for “rejecting ties with all initiatives, support and sponsorships in which … Continue reading 


Palestinian student unions send greetings to NUS conference and urge support for BDS

More than 25 student unions in the UK have voted to support BDS in recent years


Palestinian students call on Sussex University to vote for BDS

Gaza student groups write to urge students at the University of Sussex to vote in favor of boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS)


US student workers’ union becomes first US labor union to back BDS

Divestment campaigns on University of California campuses continue to grow. (Photo courtesy of Cal SJP Facebook page) Student workers at the University of California have voted by a landslide to support the Palestinian-led boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel. The votes, which … Continue reading 


Costly pro-Israel PR campaign fails to stop UC Los Angles divestment


The University of California at Los Angeles is the sixth of nine undergraduate campuses in the UC system to call for divestment


University of Exeter students vote to boycott Israeli settlement products in a landslide


The referendum, which garnered 86% approval, generated the largest voter turnout in the history of the university.


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