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Palestinians welcome United Methodist Church divestment January 13, 2016 by Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC)

BNC salutes the United Methodist Church (UMC) for declaring the five largest Israeli banks off limits for investment and for divesting from the two that it held in its portfolios.

Solidarity with the Palestinian popular resistance! Boycott Israel now! October 10, 2015 by Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC)

Palestinian Student Groups in Gaza Respond to Attacks on BDS by “NYC SJP” October 8, 2015 by The Secretariat of Students' Unions and Blocs - Gaza Strip, Palestinian Students’ Campaign for the Academic Boycott of Israel (PSCABI), Herak Youth Center

EU labelling of Israeli colonies’ products is hardly enough to bring about European compliance with international law September 7, 2015 by Palestinian BDS National Committee

BDS marks another victory as Veolia sells off all Israeli operations September 1, 2015 by Palestinian BDS National Committee

Palestinian boycott activists salute the 1,000+ Black activists, scholars and artists for endorsing BDS for Palestinian rights August 25, 2015 by Palestinian BDS National Committee


Israeli arms manufacturers look to cash in on the war in Gaza December 11, 2014 by Dan Cohen at Mondoweiss

Three weeks after Israel’s latest assault on the Gaza Strip concluded, Israeli military and political leaders attended a conference next to Ben Gurion Airport to sell the successes of what Israel dubbed Operation Protective Edge, which killed more than 2,200 Palestinians including 521 children

Why is the ICRC helping defend Israeli war crimes? December 9, 2014 by Charlotte Silver at Electronic Intifada

On Gaza and global rage August 19, 2014 by Haidar Eid at Middle East Eye

What’s behind the rise of BDS? August 8, 2014 by Sherry Wolf at International View Point

U.S. Should Stop Funding Israel, or Let Others Broker Peace August 5, 2014 by Noura Erekat at New York Times

Does the term ‘apartheid’ fit Israel? Of course it does. May 26, 2014 by Saree Makdisi at ​Los Angeles Times


Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 14.28.52

BDS en 2015: Siete formas en que nuestro movimiento marcó nuevos rumbos en contra del colonialismo y el apartheid israelíes January 15, 2016 by Comité Nacional Palestino de BDS

English here 2015 será recordado como el año en que la resistencia popular palestina se extendió por toda la Palestina histórica, y decenas de miles de palestinos y palestinas salieron a las calles para resistir y enfrentar al régimen israelí … Continue reading 

BDS en 2015: reseña completa January 15, 2016 by Comité Nacional Palestino de BDS

English here Enero: Israel muestra creciente preocupación ante el crecimiento del BDS El movimiento estudiantil por la desinversión florece en Estados Unidos El órgano de gobierno estudiantil de la Universidad de California en Davis vota por abrumadora mayoría a favor … Continue reading 

Activists in Palestine calling for CRH to end its complicity with the construction of Israel's Wall and settlements

Irish corporation CRH becomes latest big European firm to exit Israel January 11, 2016 by Palestinian BDS National Committee

The BDS movement has been calling for CRH to divest from Nesher Cement over its role in the construction of Israel's illegal Wall and settlements

Orange drops Israel affiliate following inspiring BDS campaign January 7, 2016 by Palestinian BDS National Committee

French telecoms giant Orange has announced the termination of its franchise relationship with Israeli company Partner Communications

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 14.28.52

BDS in 2015: Seven ways our movement broke new ground against Israeli settler-colonialism and apartheid December 29, 2015 by Palestinian BDS National Committee

Ten years since the launch of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, 2015 was also a landmark year for BDS, as our detailed round-up of the year shows

BDS: full 2015 round-up December 29, 2015 by Palestinian BDS National Committee

A look back at the major BDS developments during 2015

capoeira palestine 1

Capoeira groups in solidarity with the Palestinian people December 10, 2015 by BNC

Awareness about Israel’s apartheid, colonialism and occupation against the Palestinian people is growing among capoeira players, known as capoeristas. Heeding a call from the Capoeira Freedom Collective – Palestine, Capoeira groups around the world have hosted solidarity rodas (capoeira circles) … Continue reading 

Alternative menu for Cinnamon Kitchen in London

Protests at Israel supporting restaurants in London, Rome, Berlin & Barcelona December 7, 2015 by Apartheid Round Tables

Dubbed by its Israeli organizers as an offensive of “gastro-diplomacy”, the Round Tables event brought chefs from nine international restaurants for a cook-in in Tel Aviv during the month of November.

The Jordan BDS group has been protesting against UN contracts with G4S

UNHCR in Jordan no longer contracting with G4S December 3, 2015 by BNC

G4S is the target of an international campaign over its role in Israeli prisons and check points and the fact it helps to run an Israeli police academy


Portuguese retailer Worten drops SodaStream December 2, 2015 by Comité de Solidariedade com a Palestina

The decision came after pressure from campaigners pointing at SodaStream's appalling human rights record against Palestinians.

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