Day of Action

Flash mob in Seattle for BDS Day of Action

Seattle-area citizens commemorated  Palestinian Land Day (March 30th, 2012) with a march and BDS flashmob during Friday evening rush hour, in the downtown shopping center.  Activists first entered Nordstrom, dispersed throughout the first floor beauty products area, and enacted an Occupy-style conversation, with a “mic check” and an explanation of why Nordstrom shoppers should not support apartheid by buying Ahava cosmetics. The entire first floor of Nordstrom stopped to listen to the short but informative speech, and the activists sang “Boycott Israeli Goods” to the tune of “Down by the Riverside” as they walked out of the store.

Outside, they were joined by a marching band, along with a larger group of activists with banners and signs proclaiming “Boycott Israeli Apartheid”, “End the Occupation”, “Macy’s Stop Selling SodaStream,” and more.  The music of the band was uplifting but respectful of the somber atmosphere of Palestinian Land Day, and the group handed out flyers with information about Israeli apartheid and Palestinian loss of land, as they marched around the downtown shopping area.


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