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BDS flashmobs and demonstrations across France

Land Day and Worldwide Day of BDS Actions: A Day of Success in France!
March 30th is the Palestinian Land Day, during which citizens all around the world affirm their solidarity with the Palestinian people.
Within the frame of this Land Day and of this worldwide BDS action day, and also in support of the next Social Forum “Free Palestine” to be held in Nov. 2012 in Porto Alegre, activists of the French BDS campaign have led various coordinated actions all over France.
Successful events have taken place in Toulouse, Albi, Lyon, Montpellier, Paris, Orleans, Blois, Montargis as well as in other French cities, leading to the denunciation of the permanent violations of international laws and regulations by Israel against the Palestinian people, and leading to a call for strengthening the Boycott Divestments Sanctions campaign against the apartheid system put in place by Israel.
Thousands of leaflets have been distributed during these days of action, including information given to the general public as well as flash-mobs events, and also protest actions in supermarkets selling Israeli agricultural products imported in France by the Israeli company Mehadrin, which  is an essential tool for the Israeli policy of colonization of the Palestinian territories.

Most of the products come from Israeli settlements, including from settlements located in the Jordan valley where 7,000 settlers have taken over 95 % of the Palestinian farmer’s lands and have ensured the control of 98 % of the water.  As per international law, and in particular as per the IVth Geneva Convention, the activities of Mehadrin are criminal.  
Large food-stores such as Auchan, Carrefour, Leclerc are the main French distributors of such products. In spite of their Good Conduct charts and all, these companies have yet to clarify their policy regarding selling products that are made and distributed in violation of human rights and international law.  
The activists of the French BDS campaign will keep the pressure during the next weeks and months to come, mainly with protest actions aiming to Mehadrin products to be shelved off the main food-stores, but also in order to reach a larger mobilization against the impunity of Israel. 
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