Day of Action

Czech activists picket Ahava

On Wednesday, March 30th, the Czech BDS campaign marked Land Day with an information stall, handing out leaflets outside an Ahava store on 28. Října street in central Prague, in solidarity with Palestinians and activists around the world. 

The stall ran from 1800 to 1900, following the same schedule as our weekly demonstration, which is held every Monday. The weekly event has been going on for nine months, and is expected to continue until businesses agree to stop selling Ahava products and other merchandise produced in the occupied territories.

Our campaign isn’t limited to Ahava and Czech activist groups have organized a number of demonstrations, public debates, concerts and film nights over the past year, with a series of lectures by Norman Finkelstein and a concert by LowKey and Shadia Mansour being highlights.

A platform of various Palestine solidarity and anti-war groups is also planning a series of events to coincide with the official visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the 8th of April. We plan to demonstrate against increased military cooperation between Israel and the Czech Republic, particularly so long as the occupation of Palestinian land, the destruction of Palestinian homes, and the racist oppression of Palestinians under apartheid continues.

5. April: Public debate – Peace in the Middle East, Occupation and the Role of the EU
Speakers: David Cronin (journalist and activist), Pavel Barša (Professor, Charles University in Prague), Eva Nováková (ISM)

6. April: Happening – Arrest your politician
A public demonstration and practical workshop on citizen arrest

7. April: Screening – To Shoot an Elephant, Poetry – Mahmoud Darwish by Burhan Kalak (in Czech and Arabic)

8. April: Demonstration (2pm, Náměstí Jana Palacha, near Staroměstská tube station)

We invite all European BDS activists to come to the demonstrations on the 8th, and for all Czechs and local expats to join our campaign.


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